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Guardian Review science fiction special

The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction
Science fiction: Images from other worlds – in pictures A new exhibition at the British Library presents the rich history of SF down the ages, from Lucian of Samosata in the 2nd century to the Russian novel that inspired 1984
Gene Wolfe by Neil Gaiman
Zoo City by Lauren Beukes (recent Arthur C. Clarke award winner) – review by Gwyneth Jones
A life in writing: China Miéville
Ten of the best – Aliens in science fiction
Iain M Banks: Science fiction is no place for dabblers
Great voices of science fiction (interviews with Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, JG Ballard and Kurt Vonnegut Jr)
Being a Little Well by Brian Aldiss (poem)


Doctor Who – The City Of Death

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Two timelords

Two timelords

‘The City Of Death’ remains one of the most well-loved stories of classic Who and also the one that retained the highest viewing figures (no doubt helped by the ITV strike going on at the time, leaving nothing much else to watch…) The story featured, for the first time in Who, filming outside the UK, namely on the streets of Paris. This was seen as a first-time experiment for more overseas filming to expand on the over-used limited range of landscapes that were a short hop from London – mainly various quarries – that had doubled for alien planets. So, instead of lots of endless running down corridors, we get endless running down Parisian boulevards… Actually that’s a little harsh – some of those scenes are exceptionally well shot for a television show of the time and border on the cinematic

The Doctor and his then companion and fellow time lord Romana (in her school-girlish Lalla Ward incarnation) are having a holiday in the French capital; seeing the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Louvre. Things become more interesting when, in a café, they Doctor experiences a couple of some sort of time slip. Then, whilst viewing the Mona Lisa, he spots an attractive lady with a strange bracelet of alien technology and surreptitiously takes hold of it.
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