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There’s a great article on the Satanic horror writer Dennis Wheately on the Fortean Times website

I used to love the hilariously pompous disclaimers at the front of the novels:

The Haunting Of Toby Jugg is a Black Magic story by Dennis Wheatley, who writes: ‘I, personally, have never assisted at, or participated in, any ceremony connected with Magic – Black of White. Should any of my readers incline to a serious study of the subject and come into contact with a man or woman of Power, I feel that it is only right to urge them, most strongly, to refrain from being drawn into any practice of the Secret Art in any way. My own observations have led me to an absolute conviction that to do so would bring them into dangers of a very real and concrete nature.

I remember one of the old comedy program spin-off books (possibly the Not The Nine O’Clock News one) having a spoof version with ‘and make a lot of money and I don’t need the competition’ added to the end.


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February 2, 2010 at 11:24 am

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