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Chris Cunningham

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Ok, it’s an advert but it’s a ‘directed by Chris Cunningham’ advert…

Information on the making of here.
(David Lynch also recently did an advert for Gucci )

Mirrorball – Chris Cunningham – A Channel4 television series on music video directors. Unfortunately the sound is a bit out of synch. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

‘Personally’ – 12 Rounds

‘Come To Daddy’ – Aphex Twin

‘Flex’ – Aphex Twin

‘Monkey Drummer’ – Aphex Twin

‘Rubber Johnny’ – Aphex Twin

‘Windowlicker’ – Aphex Twin

‘Second Bad Vilbel’ – Autechre

‘Back With The Killer Again’ – The Auteurs

‘Light Aircraft on Fire’ – The Auteurs

‘All Is Full of Love’ – Björk

‘No More Talk’ – Dubstar

‘Tranquillizer’ – Geneva

‘Sheena Is A Parasite’ – The Horrors

‘The Next Big Thing’ – Jesus Jones

‘Something To Say’ – Jocasta

‘Afrika Shox’ – Leftfield and Afrika Bambaataa

‘Frozen’ – Madonna

’36 Degrees’ – Placebo

‘Only You’ – Portishead

‘Come On My Selector’ – Squarepusher

ITV – Sport Is Free
Levi’s – ‘Photocopier’ , ‘Up And Down’
NUS ‘Fetish’
PlayStation ‘Mental Wealth’
Telecom Italia ‘Quiet’
XFM ‘Clip Clop’

Live at electraglide2005

Directors File, Wikipedia

Cunningham portal


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