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The Butterfly Effect

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Multiple lives

Multiple lives

This comes over like an overextended episode of The Twilight Zone. A pity it’s not anywhere near as good the average episode of that series used to be.

Ashton Kutcher discovers he has the ability to travel back in time – with some whizzo special effects – by reading his old diaries. Turns out he starred in some home-porno moves made by his sleazy dad, Eric Stoltz with Kutcher’s childhood sweetheart Amy Smart and brother William Lee Scott. An event that Kutcher had blacked out from his memory, then and now – the reason he kept the diaries in the first place.

Kutcher finds out he has the ability to change the past. So when he returns it all sunshine and roses, right? No each time he makes a change the past trying to make things better when he returns to the future he finds that, ironically, it becomes worse and worse for him and Amy each time – with drug addiction, disablement, prostitution and prison.

Although the initial idea is intriguing, the execution just ends up klutzy, with each ‘shock’ return – a Quantum Leap into hell – becoming more ridiculous and thus less shocking.

Apparently the original head-scratcher of an ending was imposed by the studio… However the writer/directors preferred version on the DVD is, if slightly more sensible, wraps up the movie in the pseudo-philosophical bow that makes it literally pointless.

Oh boy, indeed.


Written by Fearful Symmetry

July 18, 2009 at 10:42 am

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