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American Soldiers – A Day In Iraq

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It’s a long time since a saw a film so bad it actually annoyed me; a film that makes you despair that it was ever made. American Soldiers – A Day In Iraq is that film. I’d rented it in a moment of madness thinking it was a documentary. How wrong I was.

Let me give you some idea on how bad it is. It was not filmed in Iraq. In fact it was not filmed anywhere in the Middle East. It was filmed in Canada… and it shows, making Ultimate Force’s turning the New Forest into South Africa (or Russia or whatever) look realistic.

It just fails to work on any level. A bunch of American soldiers – that due to poor direction, acting and dialogue you can hardly tell from each other – wander from one repetitive fight scene to another. The enemy all dress alike, faces covered in scarves (probably so they can reuse the same extras) and are armed with magic PRGs that only do damage (even after a direct hit) if the ‘plot’ needs it. The only decent bits are ripped of from other, better movies, especially Black Hawk Down.

A couple of scenes get so bad as to almost become sublime… at one point the soldiers sit around while a chopper is coming to rescue them and we have the most clichéd “What are you going to do when it’s all over, Sarge?” conversation I’ve ever heard that culminates with them doing this unbelievable ‘dance’ to the world’s worse human beat-box (presumably there was no royalties in the budget for them to dance to a real song) And of course you can guess what happens to their rescuers…

At one point it gets almost surreal where they deliver some terrorist prisoners to a jail then across a swarthy non-American ‘CIA torturer’… of course no torturer in the CIA would be a WASP. So they decide to rescue the terrorists from their own side!

The climax comes when they run out of bullets in a fire-fight so attack the machine-gun wielding ‘terrorists’ with knives – and win.

And it’s directed by Sidnie J Furie – okay he may only be a journeyman director but he’s got some minor classics under his belt like The Ipcress File. Now he’s reduced to this.

Overall it’s an appalling insult – not only to the real people the film is based on – but to everyone who had been affected by a conflict still ongoing. Avoid at all costs.


Written by Fearful Symmetry

June 27, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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