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2000AD Extreme: Shako and Project Overkill

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A friend of mine sent me this old-skool comic, recently re-issued. ‘Shako’ is an old story from the early days of 2000AD featuring a polar bear going about eating people. Oh and just to complicate matters it swallowed a capsule filled with poison that the CIA lost. Why? Don’t ask silly questions. Having a Cold War twist means that Shako can not only eat Yankies but Russkies as well. And if that’s not enough it also features the best character name in the whole history of comics – Buck Dollar.

We will never see the like nowadays, mores the pity. It’s utter rubbish but, by god, it’s entertaining (especially if you put your irony goggles on).

This got me wandering if given a depth of water that gave no advantage to either party who would win in a fight between Shako and Hookjaw. I suppose it will have to remain one of those great unanswered questions. If you’ve not heard of Hookjaw go and have a look at my Action article.

There’s also the story ‘Project Overkill’ in this compilation. But as this makes literately no sense whatsoever I’ll leave it at that.


Written by Fearful Symmetry

June 26, 2009 at 10:45 pm

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